6 Aug 1607 Born in Pin-La-Garenne, Perche, France.  (9 kms from Mortagne au Perche on D938)
July 1634 Pay off his debts to his brother Hilaire, and rent his part of the family business (La Tuillerie), to his other brother Michel for three years.
1634 Depart the port of Dieppe for Canada.  More likely in July following the contract with Hilaire and Michel which was signed in early July 1634.
1634-36 Arrive in Quebec City and work for the Jesuits as a brickmaker/layer, as well as serving Robert Giffard.
12 Jul 1636 Married Anne Cloutier(who had arrived in Canada on 4 Jun 1634) She came from Mortagne, Perche.
27 Jul 1636 Sign for the first marriage contract done in Canada on his marriage to Anne Cloutier
1636-1648  Robert settled at Riviere-aux-Chiens; makes bricks for hospital in Quebec City (a sideline that he kept all of his life); helps build boats; help with neighbors fields; and clear his own land for farming.
5 Feb 1647 His daughter Jeanne baptized in his house at Riviere-aux-Chiens, proof that at that time he was well settled in there
1648 By this time Robert and Anne had six children, four of which died after Birth; two girls remained, Genevieve and Jeanne.
4 Feb 1648 Robert's wife Anne died on that date.She had a service and was buried at the Hopital de Quebec.
1648 Robert leaves his children with relatives i.e. Cloutier; Rent his farm for a contract of three years to a Julian Perreault(Pecault).
26 Nov 1649 Robert sign a marriage contract with a widow named Marie Chappelier. The contract may have been complicated, as it was readjusted on 25 Jul 1664.
29 Nov 1649 Married to Marie Chappelier in Quebec City.
Fall 1650 Appeared to have moved to Cap-de-la-Madeleine with his new wife, leaving his two daughters from previous marriage in Quebec. A daughter Marie was born in Three Rivers in the Fall of 1650.
6 Jun 1651 The Jesuits hand over a piece of land to Robert, 2 acres frontage, and deep of 20, at Cap-de-la-Madelaine.(on the St Lawrence river). It is situated between Jean Lanqueteau and Jean Poisson.
Feb 1652 It appear that Robert went back to Quebec City, because not long after receiving  the land at Cap-l-m,  in Feb 1652 he had Nicolas his first born son,  baptized in Quebec City. (Nicolas his my direct ancestor).
1653-1655 In March 1653, it appear as if Robert received another land grant from the Jesuit at Notre Dame des Anges (between Beauport and Quebec). However, on 27 Dec 55, Marguerite Drouin was babtised at Riviere-a-c.,
1656 Records indicate that Robert owed several amount of monies to at least three people.
1656-1665 Robert continue to farm, by 1667, he had six cows, and 10 arpents of land cultivated. By 1681, he had 20 arpents under cultivation. 
1665 Robert donate 200 bricks for the construction of the presbytery at St Anne.
May 1685 Robert died at the age of 77.  Funeral were held on 1 Jun 1685 at the Chateau Richer parish church.  His wife Marie Chapelier survived him, but died at the Hotel Dieu hospital in Quebec on 18 Mar 1697.

NOTE (1) Genevieve et Jeanne born from the first marriage, married Romain  Trepanier and Pierre Maheu.  Through his two sons, Nicolas and Etienne and of course the many daughters, from his first and second marriage, Robert ensured that a whole clan of Drouin descendants have been involved in the birth and evolution of North America.  In every aspects of our lives  here in North America, some Drouin descendants has had a part in it.    Je Me Souviens.

Prepared by Ray Drouin
29 Jun 1999

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